Primary School children are fantastic to work with in this process. They are usually very keen to get up on stage and perform, so the exhilaration at that possibility drives them through the workshops with great enthusiasm. I tell them poems, then have them acting out a poem, then launch into a series of word ‘theatre games’ I have designed myself. After having warmed them up, we then write, simple rhymes at first, and generally by that time I have no trouble spurring them on. My greatest thrill is walking to the staff room during a break and hearing children reciting marching poems and ditties they have written either by themselves or in groups, with the aim of auditioning for me in a later workshop, hoping to be selected to perform in the finale concert. It is exhausting work, but once I walk into a classroom I simply surrender, get down to their level, and before long they have swept me off into that wonderful field of dreams that I never tire of playing in

Marco Reflects on School Visits

Marco's visit to our school was inspirational and helped put our school motto - "Real Learning through Real Experiences" into practice. He brought poetry to life with humour, empathy, family and pet stories, performing with passion and a little drama, everyday words that our students from prep to year 7 understood and related to. One of our most difficult children wrote a perfect poem, a child who is still grasping English wrote about an elephant with huge flapping ears, the preps created a poem, and three classes walked out of Marco's session and spent the rest of the day writing verse. They were really engaged by this consummate entertainer, who helped kick off several poetry units. It's safe to say many of the children will never forget him. They later quoted his comment that poetry is music without the notes, were extremely impressed with his ability to memorise so much, and asked if he'll be coming back. The teachers were just as effuse with their praise, and all considered it a most valuable experience. Thankyou Marco for showing our school that poetry is about writing, speaking, acting, and enjoying rather than something we kill through analysis, before we ever discover the power and the joy.

Rosyln Stemmler - Teacher Librarian - Withcott State School

As a conference entertainer or presenter, Marco has the ability to put into perspective and bring reality to many situations through his entertaining and enveloping style. His presentations become part of the conference. They can be an interlude to a busy day or the highlight of the conference dinner. Either way Marco adds another very different dimension to any conference or function. No-one will be disappointed after hearing a Marco Gliori presentation of Australian Bush Poetry.

John Brown - President - Australian Institute of Credit Union Managers , Qld Division

We had the pleasure of Marco performing at our State Sales Conference and he brought the house down with his ‘Race Call’ and ‘Mr Whippy Poem’. Despite the attendees being of very diverse backgrounds and ages, Marco appealed to everyone. A really great night.

Tom Wilkie - Suncorp Corporate Agents Assoc.

Just wanted to say thanks for the fabulous presentation last week. I’ve had nothing but raves from the group. This was exactly what we were looking for on the first day away from the mayhem of work. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.

Leon Capra - Catholic Education Principal's Conference