2 Book Pack: Rise n Rhyme plus Sometimes Stuff Rhymes (Book)

  • $30.00
GST included.

Rise n Rhyme – 168 pages containing 130 original poems for recital. evoking laughter, sharing spooky tales and transporting the reader between the Bush, the Family Home, holidays and the School Community. Rise and Rhyme contains Granny and The Snake, The Up and At’ em Cup Race Call, Sparky the Dog and The House Where Children Should Not Be, plus over 120 of Marco’s most popular pieces for young Australians.

Gloss Covered Soft Cover A5 Publication with original illustrations by Graeme McCullough.

Sometimes Stuff Rhymes – 64 pages revealing the A-Z of extremely interesting children. With hilarious tributes like Dead Eye Dick, Grizzly Grace and Nit Boy Neville, children are sure to be entertained and encouraged to write their own poems.

Gloss Covered Soft Cover A5 Publication illustrated by 1st Time Publisher Joelene Gilchrist.

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